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Babak Penyisihan Indonesia National Contest (INC 2007)

Posted on [2017-04-05 07:17:51], Category [undefined]

Hallo para peserta/mahasiswa/i atau siapapun yang tertarik untuk melihat soal-soal beserta pembahasan lomba Bina Nusantara Programming Contest 2007 (BNPCCS 2007) yang sekarang berubah nama menjadi Indonesia National Contest (INC 2007) bisa melihat write-up saya untuk babak penyisihan (tanggal 10 Juni 2007). Lihat write-up selengkapnya.

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PHP5 again at last

Posted on [2016-12-04 03:34:20], Category [undefined]

Continuing my previous post. It turned out that my hosting server got a hard-disk problem and had to move all the scripts to one of the existing PHP4 server. That's when I thought my PHP server engine was downgraded.

However, singcat managed to find a new PHP5 server and move back my scripts there. So, all UVA scripts should work fine. I'm updating the UVA ranklist now.

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Singcat is a bad hosting server...

Posted on [2016-09-30 05:43:58], Category [undefined]

My hosting server, singcat.com, recently changed the name-servers. As the consequence, my site cannot be accessed for more than 2 days.

What's horrible is that all the data in my website is gone. Even though I backup some of them, it's not the latest. The worst part is that in the new server, they only have PHP4 whereas my scripts are all PHP5! This is a total disaster.

It's really difficult to contact the admin (the helpdesk is problematic) and even if get contacted, they only reply in one line which doesn't solve the problem. I'm tired of contacting them and decided to downgrades my php scripts :(

It'll take a while before all the scripts working again, sigh...

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Posted by Felix Halim
Ok, it turns out there is a Hard disk problem in the server. So all the scripts have to be moved to another server (which only supports PHP4). It took some time for singcat to find a new PHP5 server.

Writeup for ACM ICPC World Final Tokyo, Japan 2007 has completed

Posted on [2016-09-12 10:55:54], Category [undefined]

I've just finished the writeup. Find it at the story menu or just click here. You can post the comments/suggestion on that page.

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Posted by Fayyaz Khan Lodhi
It was nice to read your story Felix. I suffered from a similar kind of scanario at a National Level Competition in Pakistan. I too admire quality of algorithms rather than coding speed. However, i would say, that this capability i.e. writing error free code under intense pressure is another important skill, which is probabily tested in depth in this year's ICPC

ACM ICPC World Final Tokyo, Japan 2007

Posted on [2016-08-27 17:06:30], Category [undefined]

The 31st ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals (ACM-ICPC-WF-07) sponsored by IBM has finished on March 15, 2007 at Hilton Tokyo Bay Hotel.

The final standings can be found in this site and find the final standings, the problem set, photos and videos, etc. In case the link went obsolete (if you view it one year later), you have to browse it in the history page. In case you still can't find it, just look at the result here:

The world champion of ACM ICPC World Final 2007 is Warsaw University with 8 solved problems. The awards are divided into 3 groups: Gold, Silver, Bronze each contains 4 teams. So there are 12 teams received the awards. There are many teams having a close race therefore they receives the same rank (rank 14 for teams who solved 5 problems, rank 26 for teams who solved 4 problems, and rank 44 for teams who solved 3 problems). The rest of the teams received honorable mention. Below is the official standings (copied from icpc.baylor.edu:

1Warsaw University81405
2Tsinghua University71200
3St. Petersburg University of IT, Mechanics and Optics6866
4Massachusetts Institute of Technology6866
5Novosibirsk State University6868
6Saratov State University6957
7Twente University61011
8Shanghai Jiao Tong University61026
9University of Waterloo61103
10Moscow State University61192
11University of Auckland61210
12California Institute of Technology61241
13Petrozavodsk State University6 
14Kyoto University5 
14National Taiwan University5 
14Peking University5 
14Seoul National University5 
14Sharif University of Technology5 
14St. Petersburg State University5 
14Universidad de Buenos Aires5 
14University of Alberta5 
14University of British Columbia5 
14University of Science and Technology of China5 
14University of Texas at Dallas5 
14University of Toronto5 
26Amirkabir University of Technology4 
26Belarusian State University4 
26Fudan University4 
26Johannes Kepler Universität Linz4 
26KTH - Royal Institute of Technology4 
26National Technical University of Ukraine 4 
26Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro4 
26Stanford University4 
26Stavropol State University4 
26The University of Tokyo4 
26Universidade de São Paulo4 
26University of Cape Town4 
26University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign4 
26University of Nebraska - Lincoln4 
26University of Wroclaw4 
26Ural State University4 
26Vologda State Pedagogical University4 
26Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University4 
44Bina Nusantara University3 
44Carnegie Mellon University3 
44College of Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi3 
44Cornell University3 
44Duke University3 
44East China University of Science & Technology3 
44Hefei University of Technology3 
44Indian Institute of Technology, Madras3 
44Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology3 
44National University of Defense Technology3 
44Orel State Technical University3 
44Saitama University3 
44Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado3 
44Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya3 
44University of Adelaide3 
44University of Bucharest3 
44University of Central Florida3 
44University of New South Wales3 
44Xiamen University3 
44Xidian University3 
44Zhejiang University3 
Honorable Mention
Arab Academy for Science and Technology The University of Hong Kong
Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology Universidad Central de Venezuela
Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Universidad Tecnologica de la Mixteca
Harvard University Universidad de Chile
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Instituto Tecnologico de Aeronautica University of Calgary
Kazakh National University University of Minnesota
Mercer University University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Nanyang Technological University University of Texas at Austin
National Institute of Technology, Trichy University of Wisconsin - Madison
Northwestern University Vanderbilt University
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Virginia Tech
Africa and the Middle EastUniversity of Cape Town
AsiaTsinghua University
EuropeWarsaw University
Latin AmericaUniversidad de Buenos Aires
North AmericaMassachusetts Institute of Technology
South PacificUniversity of Auckland

Currently I'm compiling my team (YoiAC, Bina Nusantara) story for this event. It'll take a while. This time I video taped some of the event. I wonder whether I should publish the video as well...

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Posted by Felix Halim

Hello Fayyaz, thanks for the compliment :). Our team wasted too much time on debugging my buggy code on problem A and G :(. FYI, many people at TopCoder think that this year ACM ICPC Problem Set is more on to coding skills than algorithmic skills. See this TopCoder thread.

For the video I captured the IBM Tech Trek titled "The Future of Technology" but don't expect too much since it was handy-camed using my hand (not tripod) :( and the battery went out at the "Second Life" demo :P. I really hope IBM released their event video on this.

Posted by Fayyaz Khan Lodhi
Nice work on your efforts. Although i was expecting you people to perform better but still it's a world class event so reaching this far is still plausible. Anxiously waiting for your team story and event video. I would like to add that your posting of ICPC problems and solutions were very helpful. It helps people like me understand algorithms and problems not known and learn from them. Keep the good work going and all the best for future regards, Fayyaz (Pakistan)

HTTP Compression using "ob_gzhandler" improves transfer speed a lot!

Posted on [2016-04-13 01:08:23], Category [undefined]

Now all HTTP requests to Felix-Halim.NET will be responded using "Content-Encoding: gzip" if possible. This reduces the transfer time and network traffic tremendously.

PHP made it so easy to achieve this: just by adding this line at the very beginning of the script:


To see that the gzhandler working correctly, you can view the page using FireFox and FireBug plugin and see under Net tab the response header will now contains "Content-Encoding: gzip" and the response bytes reduced significantly.

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UVA Progress SVG is nicer with languages color added!

Posted on [2016-03-28 09:45:27], Category [undefined]

The Hunting UVA Problems has an SVG graph which shows the progress of your submissions to UVA year by year. The graph is now colored, so not only you can see your progress but also your language-shift ;) That is when your submission language turns from C to C++ or to Java or to Pascal. A picture worth a thousand words, see it here (you need SVG enabled browser, i.e. Firefox 1.5+).

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