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TopCoder Open 06 - Development is won by sindu (Indonesian)!

Posted on [2016-01-05 12:40:26], Category []

TopCoder Open 2006 (TCO06) has just finished. There are 3 categories of winners. The Algorithm Champion won by Petr, Design Champion won by Pops, and Development Champion won by sindu

It is very remarkable for sindu (Sindunata Sudarmaji) to be the FIRST winner in TopCoder Development Competition. This shows that Indonesian has guts to strive in world programming contests :D

Here is the story details of how sindu won the Development Competition

NB. TopCoder is not a usual yadda yadda programming contest! In fact, All Google Code Jam programming competitions were powered by TopCoder!

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Saluuttt !! ^^

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Wah.. Congratz2... !!! :D

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who is he?(Sindunata Sudarmaji) pls give us more detail information about him?

Google India Code Jam 2006 :: Write Up Finished

Posted on [2015-12-28 02:31:56], Category []

I've finihed writing up my story about Google Code India Code Jam 2006. Hope it can help you build up your motivation in programming. Programming should be fun :D

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IMHO, programming is just another kind of activity/job/sport/hobby. If you like to play Soccer, you will find that Soccer is fun. Whenever your friend ask you to play Soccer, you will join! It's the same with Programming, you have to find what you like about Programming. If you like what you found, the rest is fun. What I like about Programming is that it can create something incredible, see Google Products. I want to make products like that, and it sure need a deep understanding in Programming and other areas related to it. Aside to that, there's another motivation for me to learn/practice Programming even more: Programming Competitions! Just like Soccer, you have Premiere League, FIFA World CUP 2006, etc... That'll make you struggling to improve your Skills to be the best in the Competition! Programming Competition is the same, this really motivates me in do better in Programming. That's where I found the passion :) Felix Halim

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hey, congrats for the good results!

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Can i ask you something? How can you say that programming should be fun? Me, a junior programmer, thinks that programming is really make me exhausted. Can you share to me?What is the passion in programming? and why can you have that passion that makes u join that google code competition?. Thanks

Onsite Google India Code Jam 2006

Posted on [2015-12-27 00:15:30], Category []
I'm writing my story about GICJ06. Currently only the main page that is available: GICJ06. The links from that page is still under construction. Please come again for a few days.
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The write up is finished, click here to view: GICJ06

Felix Halim

Google India Code Jam 2006 :: Qualification Round

Posted on [2015-12-22 08:30:07], Category []

Qualification Round of GICJ06 has been released : Advancers. I'm relieved that I passed to Round 1 :) I did a terrible mistake on problem 250: I was too over-confident by submitting without testing all the sample cases... This cost me to resubmit and 10% points deduction.

Round 1 will be held tomorrow. Wish me luck :)

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UVA Scripts :: Statistics Comparer is UP

Posted on [2015-12-22 02:08:19], Category []

Find a rival and build up your motivation in solving problems. That would be exciting! Now you can compare/merge your statistics with your friends/rivals using Statistics Comparer. If you have feedbacks/comments/suggestions leave a comment on this post please.

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UVA Country Ranklist has been indexing for 5000 authors

Posted on [2015-12-15 22:08:21], Category []

The UVA Country Ranklist has been indexing up to more than first top 5000 from UVA Site. Previously was only limited to top 2500.

The compromise of this is that the ranklist will not be up to date. I chose this approach because :

  • It is *expensive* to maintain updated ranklist (this will need many frequent request to UVA Site, and that's not good!)
  • We wanted to be able to see not only top 2500 from UVA but *all* authors from a particular country

The indexing will continue until *ALL* authors in UVA Site has been indexed :D. This is a slow process: I update 2000 authors at a time (there are 60000 authors in UVA). Updating all 60000 authors simultaneously means DoS to UVA SITE! :P

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try placing a CRON job in your server to do the updating automatically once a minute, or once an hour..

Finished Indexing UVA problem ranklist

Posted on [2015-11-28 15:20:06], Category []

I've just completed making an index for all UVA problem ranklist. It seems that there are 36138 authors in UVA site that at least solved 1 problem.

The 20 next easiest problem will be up anytime soon, with more accurate result since I already indexed the "DISTINCT" number of authors that solved each problem in UVA site.

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I've fixed the error when the author has no single AC problem. Also you now can save to your harddisk for the "Hunting UVA Problems". Thanks for notifying me.

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2 problems : 1.when on ID was zero ac(pe) then get error: cannot parse XML 2. how can I save on my harddisk page with all info that i shud mext?

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The server where I hosted my PHP code has been dealing with SPAM! The server response becoming too slow... I can't upload my PHP code to the server even though I have it. It's out of my reach... so be patient.

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what happend with this page...where are the old functionality??

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great, the 20 next problems is a really nice feture, keep it up :P

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