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Valladolid OJ - Code Overhaul

Posted on [2015-11-22 23:33:19], Category []
Due to :
  • Changes of script in Valladolid Site ( http://acm.uva.es/p ) like the dissapearance of author names and replaced by author's ID
  • UVA unwillingness of giving XML data or webservices-like feature (for easy data extraction for author names and their statistics ). Their hesitance is because in order to generate a complete statistics for an author along with each of his/her status of every problem submissions would need a very huge processing power (it's not if they have a good data-warehousing systems).
  • The release of PHP 5 that supports a lot of new features such as DomDocument and DomXPath. This gives me a way to extract any data from thw UVA site easily as if it's an XML file.
  • The need to refactor my own PHP codes (now using classes and Design Patterns).

I decided to do an overhaul for my site. Basically, I will build a data-warehouse for UVA site. I will do an ETL (Extract Transform and Load) from UVA Site to my site once a month (for refreshing/updating the data). The benefits of having this data-wareouse is that we can generate any statistics faster and can be made more subjective.

In the mean time, the services I provide earlier such as : Statistics Comparer and 20 next easiest problems will not be accessible. Sorry for that :( I hope I can get it up and running soon.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to tell that I will use AJAX extensively for convenient browsing and suppress the server bandwidth as many as possible

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try using IE... hmm fine

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Hai hai hai, testing2

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add comment!

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ajaxnya kok aneh?

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