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HTTP Compression using "ob_gzhandler" improves transfer speed a lot!

Posted on [2016-04-13 01:08:23], Category [undefined]

Now all HTTP requests to Felix-Halim.NET will be responded using "Content-Encoding: gzip" if possible. This reduces the transfer time and network traffic tremendously.

PHP made it so easy to achieve this: just by adding this line at the very beginning of the script:


To see that the gzhandler working correctly, you can view the page using FireFox and FireBug plugin and see under Net tab the response header will now contains "Content-Encoding: gzip" and the response bytes reduced significantly.

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UVA Progress SVG is nicer with languages color added!

Posted on [2016-03-28 09:45:27], Category [undefined]

The Hunting UVA Problems has an SVG graph which shows the progress of your submissions to UVA year by year. The graph is now colored, so not only you can see your progress but also your language-shift ;) That is when your submission language turns from C to C++ or to Java or to Pascal. A picture worth a thousand words, see it here (you need SVG enabled browser, i.e. Firefox 1.5+).

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UVA Problem Hunting is back!

Posted on [2016-03-28 04:00:57], Category [undefined]

I have just finished rewriting the script for Hunting UVA Problems. Not only I make it work again, even better if you see the running time to generate the statistics is faster than ever (under 1 second, previously were more than 3 seconds).

Also if you have noticed, the URL for Valladolid OJ start with /uva/ instead of /oj/, however the old URL is still valid. I only put some .htaccess for URL rewriting to make it easier to remember and type.

I tried to sync felix-halim.net server with UVA site but it appeared that the connection to UVA site is very-very slow or is UVA server overloaded? If you tried to checked the "update-from-uva" check-box while updating your statistics, you will notice it takes up to 20 seconds just to read a page from UVA.

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RSS Feed for Felix Halim .NET

Posted on [2016-03-25 00:36:32], Category []

I've just finished creating an RSS feed for my site. I followed the tutorial of creating RSS feed from here, it was really easy. I also have validated the RSS Feed using http://www.feedvalidator.org [Valid RSS]. So it should be safe to include my RSS Feed into an aggregator :)

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UVA has just removed the user statistics and problem ranklist pages!

Posted on [2016-03-24 00:19:33], Category []

UVA has removed the user statistics and the problem ranklist pages. Unfortunately, these two pages are the only mean to retrieve, analyze, and synchronize with felix-halim.net.

So, the Hunting UVA problems will not work if you checked the "update from uva" checkbox. I will fix this when UVA finishes its migration to the new system and when I have free time. In the mean time, you can use the Hunting UVA problem without checking the "update from uva" checkbox :)

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Posted by newton
what is the problem?? why this step is taken? how can we check our stutus? may i get some link.

YoiAC goes to the World Final in Tokyo - Japan

Posted on [2016-03-18 13:13:52], Category []

It's been 8 years since Bina Nusantara University got to the ACM ICPC World Finals in 1997, and 1998. After the long waiting and preparation, this year Bina Nusantara University advanced again to the World Final 2006 in Tokyo - Japan.

See the how our team YoiAC (Felix Halim, Andrian Kurniady, and Andoko Chandra) competing in ACM ICPC Regional Taiwan.

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Posted by Nayeem
Congrats and good luck for the World Finals. ...I find this write up[Regional@Taiwan] very well written.

Posted by
Congrats, u did a great job...

UVA Script :: Top 20 problems solved the most by your country

Posted on [2016-02-24 19:31:01], Category []

I recently add a little feature to Hunting UVA Problems! section. It shows the problems that you have not solved yet but some of your friends in your country have.

The idea to add this feature is that it is nice to know a set of problems that a particular country are good at. If you belong to that country, supposedly you should find the problems easy to solve also :) In case you still cannot solve those problems, you have many friends in your country that can solve it and ask them for help (I also provide the list in that script).

If you are an ambitious person, probably you want to claim that you are the best among your country friends, then this script will help you find those problems that are already solved by your country friends but not by you yet.

The real purpose is to make solving UVA problems fun, hopefully this script will motivate you to solve more problems in UVA :)

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