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TopCoder Open 06 - Development is won by sindu (Indonesian)!

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TopCoder Open 2006 (TCO06) has just finished. There are 3 categories of winners. The Algorithm Champion won by Petr, Design Champion won by Pops, and Development Champion won by sindu

It is very remarkable for sindu (Sindunata Sudarmaji) to be the FIRST winner in TopCoder Development Competition. This shows that Indonesian has guts to strive in world programming contests :D

Here is the story details of how sindu won the Development Competition

NB. TopCoder is not a usual yadda yadda programming contest! In fact, All Google Code Jam programming competitions were powered by TopCoder!

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who is he?(Sindunata Sudarmaji) pls give us more detail information about him?

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Saluuttt !! ^^

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Wah.. Congratz2... !!! :D

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