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UVA Script :: Top 20 problems solved the most by your country

Posted on [2016-02-24 19:31:01], Category []

I recently add a little feature to Hunting UVA Problems! section. It shows the problems that you have not solved yet but some of your friends in your country have.

The idea to add this feature is that it is nice to know a set of problems that a particular country are good at. If you belong to that country, supposedly you should find the problems easy to solve also :) In case you still cannot solve those problems, you have many friends in your country that can solve it and ask them for help (I also provide the list in that script).

If you are an ambitious person, probably you want to claim that you are the best among your country friends, then this script will help you find those problems that are already solved by your country friends but not by you yet.

The real purpose is to make solving UVA problems fun, hopefully this script will motivate you to solve more problems in UVA :)

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