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UVA Problem Hunting is back!

Posted on [2016-03-28 04:00:57], Category [undefined]

I have just finished rewriting the script for Hunting UVA Problems. Not only I make it work again, even better if you see the running time to generate the statistics is faster than ever (under 1 second, previously were more than 3 seconds).

Also if you have noticed, the URL for Valladolid OJ start with /uva/ instead of /oj/, however the old URL is still valid. I only put some .htaccess for URL rewriting to make it easier to remember and type.

I tried to sync felix-halim.net server with UVA site but it appeared that the connection to UVA site is very-very slow or is UVA server overloaded? If you tried to checked the "update-from-uva" check-box while updating your statistics, you will notice it takes up to 20 seconds just to read a page from UVA.

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