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Singcat is a bad hosting server...

Posted on [2016-09-30 05:43:58], Category [undefined]

My hosting server, singcat.com, recently changed the name-servers. As the consequence, my site cannot be accessed for more than 2 days.

What's horrible is that all the data in my website is gone. Even though I backup some of them, it's not the latest. The worst part is that in the new server, they only have PHP4 whereas my scripts are all PHP5! This is a total disaster.

It's really difficult to contact the admin (the helpdesk is problematic) and even if get contacted, they only reply in one line which doesn't solve the problem. I'm tired of contacting them and decided to downgrades my php scripts :(

It'll take a while before all the scripts working again, sigh...

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Posted by Felix Halim
Ok, it turns out there is a Hard disk problem in the server. So all the scripts have to be moved to another server (which only supports PHP4). It took some time for singcat to find a new PHP5 server.

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