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Day 2, Google Tech Talk (continued) and dinner (April 7, 2006)

Alan Eustace continued the Google Tech Talk.
I learned a lot from his speech. He is a good speaker!

He talked about Google's computer architecture, the reliability of the Data Centers, the history of Google, etc...
Google products such as Google Map, Google Earth, Robust API, Translation engine, and a list of expertise of Google.

Any Question, any one?

Then we can have a dinner... I've to be honest that I eat less than 10% from the left picture.
And the waiters were very kind, they offer more foods whenever possible. I've to say no all the time :P

Still excited with the surpirise prize, I-Pod nano, I immortalized it along with the certificate :D

When I saw the Google Logo again, it getting more beautiful, now it has "pink" color added :o

We have a picture with Annie Driscoll (in white) and Jeanne Williams (in red).
Without them this Google Code Jam 2006 wouldn't be a successful event!
Jeanne, thanks for your help for my VISA and Ticket. I really appreciate it.

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