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Google India Code Jam 2006

Google India Code Jam 2006

This is the second time I competed in Google India Code Jam. The last year GIJC can be found here: Google India Code Jam 2005.

Summary of this year GICJ06

The format of the competition was still similar with last year GICJ05. There are 3 rounds total: Qualification Round, Online Elimination Round, and the Onsite Final Round (see below for the details of each round). The cut-off for the Qualification Round is top 500 participants and top 50 participants for Online Elimination Round. The total registered participants for this year GICJ06 is 14,000 participants and only those top 50 in Elimination Round were invited to the Onsite Final Round. To see who passed the Qual, Elimination Round, and the Winners of GICJ06 you can visit the Official List of the Advancers.

The Qualification round was held on March 20-21, 2006. There are 5 sets of problems randomly assigned to the 14,000 registered participants. The qual went a whole day but the coding time only last 1 hour after the qual problem was opened in the Arena. There was so many cheaters were caught and disqualified by the experienced TopCoder admins.

The Elimination Round was held on March 24, 2006. The top 500 participants that passed the Qualification Round can compete in this Elimination Round. The format of the elimination round is similar to the weekly SRM held by TopCoder. All participants must login and register at the specified time and compete together. The coding phase last for 75 minutes, all participants were given 3 problems. There was a challenge phase after the coding phase where all participants can look their competitors' source code and "challenge" it. If the challenge is successful, the challenger got +50 points otherwise the challenger loss -25 points.

The Onsite Championship Round was held on April 7, 2006. The top 50 participants that passed the Elimination Round were invited to Bangalore (India) to compete in this Onsite Championship Round. The duration for the Championship Round is longer than the usual 75 minutes (it was extended to 100 minutes). The 50 participants were split to two locations but they were all in the same room in the Arena. There are 3 problems given in this round (300 points, 500 points, 1000 points) just like the Elimination Round. During the challenge phase, many participants experienced a little inconvenience. The arena got timed-out several times and the participants must re-login again.

Before and after the onsite championship round, Google had several techtalks. They explained the vision/mission of Google, the technologies that Google posses, the Google infrastructure/architecture, the Google culture, etc... Also Google gave the 50 onsite finalist opportunity to have interviews for job at Google. Last year (GICJ05) Google didn't offer interview for the 50 finalist.

This year, Google did a lot of improvements compared to last year GICJ05. The events were well prepared and places were a lot bigger and nicer (Le Meridien) and they have I-Pod Nano as a surprise prize for all 50 finalist! I think in total, Google spent a LOT more money than last year to make Google India Code Jam 2006 a memorable event! They also have a "cameraman" to documentate the GICJ06 events (They will upload it through Google Video, I'll update when it's available). GICJ is the best and most generous Programming Competitions I've ever had! Thanks GOOGLE!


These are the pictures that I think is great to be included in the main page:

All 8 Indonesian participants of Google Code Jam 2006. Left top: Fajar Maulana Firdaus; Bottom centre: Pascal Alfadian
Middle (left->right): Felix Halim, Prima Chairunnanda, David Santoso Anggakusuma, Hanny Yulius Limanto, Ilham Winata Kurnia, Ardian Kristanto Poernomo.

Indonesian Ranklist in the Championship Round (and their handle in the Arena):

  • 1st place - Ardian Kristanto Poernomo (ardiankp)
  • 5th place - Prima Chairunnanda (CrazyScratcher)
  • 8th place - Ilham Winata Kurnia (ilham)
  • 17th place - Felix Halim (felix_halim)
  • 18th place - Pascal Alfadian (p45c4l2000)
  • 20th place - Hanny Yulius Limanto (blue_quark)
  • 31th place - Fajar Maulana Firdaus (idos)
  • 47th place - David Santoso Anggakusuma (david_angga888)

The competition place and environment. It's an internet cafe.

The Computer used in the competition.

The place where the Google TechTalk and Awards Winner annoucement.

TechTalk by Alan Eustace, the Senior Vice President, Engineering & Research.

And the winner is ... Ardian Kristanto Poernomo from INDONESIA.
The slide displayed "Singapore" because he resided in Singapore (NTU), but actually he is Indonesian.

The first, second, and third Winner of GICJ06: Ardian Kristanto Poernomo, Abishek Kumarasubramanian, Shreevatsa R.

The Google Event Organizers that made this event successful.
The lady in red: Jeanne Williams, and the lady in white: Annie Driscoll

Surprise surprise... All 50 finalist were given an I-Pod nano (4 GB) along with Google Code Jam certificate.

Detailed, day to day story of GICJ06

For a detailed, day to day life of the GICJ06 onsite final, below I present my (personal) story about it. I have pictures for the stories, thanks to my friend who lend me his camera, Tommy Harland. If you feel any of the write-up offensive, or you have any suggestion/feeback/concerns, or else you can contact me: felix.halim@gmail.com

Next : Day 1, Take off to Bangalore, India (April 6, 2006)

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