Day 1, Take off to Manila (4 Nov 2003)

Early in the morning (3 AM) I checked my email for the last time before going to Manila just to say "I'm taking off". I packed my stuff and head straight to the airport. At the airport, we, BiNus Team assemble together (Felix Halim, Christian, Nicholas IS, Thompson SN -> Coach) and with their parents. The flight to Philiphine took 7-8 hours because we have to transit to Singapore. It was a tiring flight.

Me (Felix Halim) and Christian (our TA in Computer Graphics)

Mr. Thompson (Coach) and Nicholas
We are in the plane heading to Manila

At 2 PM, we met with 3 guides from University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P). Two of them are girls (Sayine and Glyza) and one of them is a boy (Niko). The girls speak English fluently and both of them can drive a car, Wow.

We were escorted by the girls to Richmonde Hotel by a car. I'm surprised that the girl, Glyza drive so easy in the middle of traffic. Hahaha... (I can't drive a car, only motorcycles). We all like the guides and become close to them.

At night we were going to Mega Mall escorted by our loyal guides. The mall is similar to the mall in Jakarta (Indonesia). It kinda useless to buy souvernir here.

After that, we head to McDonald and have dinner together (along with the guides). I love the Spaghetti. It's hard to find Spaghetti in Jakarta :(

We eat dinner together in McDonald! Wow!
Love Ko To artinya I like this

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