Day 2, Registration and Hawaiian Party (5 Nov 2003)

We feel refreshed after take a bath in Richmonde Hotel (it has hot shower). After doing some training (observing the problems from ACM ICPC at AIZU which is already over then).

We were training using laptops lent by Binus :o

In the afternoon, we, accompanied with the two guides, head to the University of Asia and the Pacific (the guides are the students of UA&P). The contest is held here in this university. Today is the registration day. Matrix Reloaded is played in the theatre to fill the spare time waiting for the team's queue for registration. We got ACM ICPC clothes here.

This is the University of Asia and the Pacific
Where the regional contest is held!

This night we have Hawaiian party! Most of the teams didn't use Hawaiian clothes, only Indonesian teams that wore the brightest clothes.

Hawaian party, we use bright clothes
Sayine and Glyza are at the middle

Our team wear the most funkiest clothes!
Glyza said that I look like Jackie Chan when I was laughing hard :O

Picture with STT Telkom's Team at the back

Also in hawaiian party, they held a game and they serve some food, Spaghettiiiii... I ate a lot! One plate full of Spaghetti. It's a pity that people that queue at the back didn't get the Spaghetti :-O And for the most funkiest, brightest clotes got a doll called "poring" in Ragnarok.

Those who wear the most funkiest clothes will get a reward
The reward is a doll, called "poring" in Ragnarok :-)

After that we head to Richmonde Hotel to take a rest.

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