Day 3, Trial and Run (6 Nov 2003)

Today we were going to UA&P (Univ of Asia and the Pacific) to test and familiarize the computers that will be used in the contest. We tried to submit several test problems using PC^2 and try using different compilers. Although several bugs occurred, its been fixed by tomorrow.

We are testing the PC^2 and the compilers
Also try to submit problems given for the trial session

When trial and run session has over, we entered the theatre to discuss the error occurred during the trial and run session. Just before that, a movie "Terminator 3" is played for waiting the contestants assembled in the thethre.

After that, we were going to Shangri-La Mall to have dinner. It was a big mall. We take a walk to the book store there, and found something unusual! There is no comix book such as Conan, Kindaichi, Kungfu Boy, Dragon Ball, Pitcher, Harlem Beat, etc.. But the good thing is, the books for Computer Science & others are cheaper compared to the books in Indonesia.

We, again accompanied with the two guides who are very nice and pretty...
The girl at the right is Glyza, one of our guide. She is pretty, isn't she?

We are eating in Shangrila Mall (Richmonde doesn't provide dinner!)
The girl at the left is Sayine, also one of our guide

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