Day 5, Fly back to Jakarta (8 Nov 2003)

Early in the morning, we heard news about TERRORISTS at Manila airport! Fortunately, they manage to secure the area before we went to the airport in the afternoon.

This is the last picture (taken by Glyza)
Also this is the last meeting with Glyza, our nice guide.
The picture is taken outside the Richmonde Hotel

Don't know why we have to arrive 4 hours earlier before departure. We are quite bored then. Fortunately there are laptops. I could spent the time with the laptops. Christian and Nicholas played the Magic the Gathering :)

In the plane, it was bad. I cannot sleep well, besides, about which problem (B or H) is accepted still bothering my mind. And to make it worse, we have to transit to Singapore.

This is in Changi Airport (we have to transit here!)

We don't have work to do, just taking the picture... heheheh..

In the plane, we are heading home... Jakarta, we are coming!

We have arrived safely at the Soekarno Hatta Airport
The picture is blur because we take the picture on the moving escalator :-P

At last, we arrive in Jakarta safely with a little headache. And after I arrived home, I immediately check which problem is accepted to completely remove my curiousity and also saying "I'm BACK" to my friends.

Apparently, problem B is the accepted one (the problem that finds out if the two molecules are identical or not).

YEAH!!! I was screaming then! It denotes that my recursion is correct in the first attempt!

Imagine that near the end of the contest, I only check my program using sample input and submit it at the last 1 minute) and got accepted. It seems that I still have sharp mind about recursion.

Besides, Nicholas and Christian help a lot during the contest time. At least they found the idea to add EPSILON 0.0000001 in solving problem A! If they didn't find the error, my mental would be down and I woudln't have enough courage to continue to solve other problems. Thanks for Nicholas and Christian, although they didn't get accepted in problem H, at least they help to build up my spirit again :-)

Next year our team will have new personel and hopefully we'll enter the WORLD FINAL!!! :)

The End

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