Day 1, Take off to Kuala Lumpur (Oct 26, 2005)

Late in the afternoon (3 PM), Win Ce Bong (our coach), Yen Lina (Ing2 roommate), Ryan Leonel (Buzz-er), Andrianto, Suhendry, Ing2, and I went to the Soekarno Hatta International Airport while the others: Andoko Chandra, David Santoso, Evan Leonardi, and Stephen Kohar went there separately.

First Row: Felix Halim (me), Andrianto, Andoko Chandra, David Santoso
Second Row: Ryan Leonel (hidden), Win Ce Bong, Evan Leonardi, Ing Ing Ang

Not long till we arrive at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). Unfortunately, we've to spent the whole night until the next morning for the next flight to Manila. So, we spent the night at the Airport. I've to say that the Airport was quite high-tech that some of us were amazed of the automatic escalator:

Left to right (compare by head position): Ing2, Buzz-er, Kohar, Susu.
They were looking at Evan, who dare to go down using the escalator and fire the alarm when
he tried to force his way back up using the same one-way-going-down elevator.
Everyone immediately know that: "They must be Indonesian" :)

We ate at Burger King, it seems that Andoko and David enjoyed their Super-Big Double-Buffet :)

Some of us were tired and slept, the others were playing internet or playing with the laptops.

One of us were freezing because he didn't bring his jacket.
But later on, somehow, he got his favorite "super-mantle".

Day 2, Take off to Manila (27 Oct 2005)

Still at the KLIA, we ate breakfast. Some of us drink Starbucks Coffee, the other ate Noodles (some says the sauce is made of medicine?). At 11 AM, we then take off to Manila and went to Richmonde Hotel (the same hotel as last year). The transportation used was a taxi. It's amazing to imagine how 11 + 1 person along with their bags fit in. We met Hong Kong university (the champion) and the others during the hotel registration.

In the afternoon we went to the Mega-mall at 9 PM for dinner. The shops over there were almost closed at 10 PM.

Not much happened today, let's proceed to day 3

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