Day 3, Registration & Practice Session (Oct 28, 2005)

Today we went to Ateneo de Manila University to register for the match and did some practice.

Team name : "Thinker Bee"
(Left->Right) Ryan Leonel Somali, Andrianto Effendy, and Stephen Kohar.

Team name : "Smart Bee"
(Left->Right) Ing Ing Ang, Suhendry Effendy, and Evan Leonardi Ruslijanto.

Team name : "Vinix" (+hannah :)
(Left->Right) Hannah, David Santoso Anggakusuma, Andoko Chandra, and Felix Halim.
When we requested Hannah to take picture with our team, David brilliantly slipped by Hannah side.
We can see that David intention was clear, that "he likes her" (don't deny it, Vid).

Binus Coaches
(Left->Right) Win Ce Bong, and Yen Lina.

During the registration, we got a nice bag labelled ACM ICPC and Ateneo de Manila Logo.

The other teams from Indonesia also take pictures in this place.

Team name : "Avian" (Tarumanegara University)
(Left->Right) Yohannes Aditya, Edward Citrahadi, William Handoko Anggakusuma, and Sani Mohamad Isa (Coach).

Team name : "CS-Unpar" (Parahyangan University)
(Left->Right) Pascal Alfadian, Rosa de Lima(Coach), Ignatius Reza, and Ronny Gunawan ???.

Team name : "Margonda" (University of Indonesia)
(Left->Right) Fajran Iman Rusadi, Ilham Winata Kurnia, and Sutanto Sugii Joji.
The coach is Suryana Setiawan (not in the pic)

We were assembled to the Ateneo de Manila theatre for some introduction.
We were required to bring our university flag and then showed it to the audience.

On the left is (our) Bina Nusantara University flag (flag bearer: Stephen Kohar and Felix Halim).
On the right is Tarumanegara University flag (flag bearer: William Handoko and Yohannes Aditya).

On the left is Parahyangan Catholic University flag (flag bearer: Ignatius Reza and Rosa de Lima).
On the right is University of Indonesia flag (flag bearer: Fajran and Ilham).

After the briefing, there is a presentation from Microsoft (sponsor).
Which talked about the new Visual Studio team system.
Andoko and I then talked about things related to .NET and Java.

We take picture in the back entrance of the Ateneo de Manila University.
Note that there is a thing in this picture is called super-mantle.

The practice session was delayed for almost one hour. We got bored and start making some joke (see below).

The picture above is ko Wince standing, heated, and then melted into a stone :D

At last, we got to the practice room. Alas, the table was so small.
From left picture to right: Smart Bee, Thinker Bee, and Vinix

The practice session was too short and the ICPC committee was not prepare it well. The problem's input filename is different with the judge's input filename and that was not notified by the judges. Also the power went out once. The funny thing is, they do it again intentionaly. So the power went out twice. All computers restarted. Not long after that, the head of judge said: "The practice session ends in 2 minutes". Oh, what a useful practice. After he said that, we submit our solutions but they didn't judge it. The status of the submission is still "new" until the 2 minutes were over and we all leaved the practice room. Well... it's better than not having the practice session at all. At least we got to know that it's sufficient to use JCreator (we are not using Eclipse because it didn't work compatibly with JDK 1.5 and we didn't know how to set it up) and for the Dev C++ it went well.

Then we go to the basket ball court where they held the opening party.
The Anggakusumas' (David and William) seemed very lucky that night. They got prizes over and over.
We then head back to Richmonde Hotel and order fast food delivery, Jollibee!

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