Day 7, Wandering Kuala Lumpur (Nov 1, 2005)

We spent the whole day wandering around Kuala Lumpur.
Here is the Menara Kuala Lumpur

Left pic: at the entrance of the Menara Kuala Lumpur. Right pic: a mosqito bite ko Wince.

Left pic: we went to the nearby "food court" along the way to the Twin Towers. We end up eating Mee Goreng at India's place.
Right pic: we took a break before entering the Suria KLCC, the Twin Towers.

Suria KLCC

Left pic: It's a small pond at the back of the KLCC.
Right pic: The opposite place from the pond, a great place to take picture with Twin Towers as the back ground.

Although it's a good place, but it doesn't necessary means that it's easy to get the picture.

A scene where all of us jumped together.

We went back to the Corona inn after buying some souvenirs along the way and stopped by at "Only Mee" restaurant.

Day 8, Fly back to Jakarta (2 Nov 2005)

The last restaurant that we ate in Kuala Lumpur before we go to the KLIA to went to Jakarta.
This restaurant is just in the front of Corona inn.

Before we went to KLIA, we have some photo transference to my laptop. That gave me more than enough material to write up this story. There are 7 different persons that bring along their cameras (Wilhan, Andoko, David, Susu, Wince, Yen Lina, Ing2), only Ing2 didn't do the transference for some reason. I had difficulties selecting photos from the abundance photos in my laptop to be included in this story... but that was payed off. This story is now completed :D Thanks to those who shared their pictures. Btw, If there's any intrusive words I made in my story, please notify me: felix.halim_at_gmail_dot_com

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